Chris DuVal
professional fight director

"I have had the very good fortune to have worked with Joe on several occasions and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. He is a very skilled actor/combatant and an excellent fight director and teacher. His dedication, passion, committment, imagination, training, and outstanding talent make him an invaluable asset to any production."


TACIT production, winter 2001

"It is easy to be caught up in the realism and fast-paced action."
-- Spencer Mortensen, The California Tech

"and imaginative sword..." (the review was cut off; we're still trying to get the rest of the review from Mary)
-- Mary Cogswell Baum, "On Stage", Sierra Madre News


Richard III
TACIT production, winter 1999

"One scene that deserves special attention is the battle between Richard and Richmond. The fight coordinator Joe Cook took a very supernatural take... the combination of special effects and rigorous training of the actors results in a very exciting battle that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck."
-- Jeff Sullivan, The California Tech

"It is hard to get the audience to believe in a battle involving thousands of soldiers with only a dozen actors, but they pulled it off."
-- Jeff Sullivan, The California Tech


Henry V
TACIT production, winter 1998

"...battle scenes of startling realism... an ambitious production and a successful one."
-- Mary Cogswell Baum, "On Stage", Sierra Madre News

"...a dramatic rhythmic pounding of quarterstaffs on the stage floor by a circle of soldiers surrounding a pair of duelers battling for their lives. The fight scenes are particularly convincing -- sparks fly -- the work of both Chris Duval, a professional fight choreographer, and Caltech junior Joe Cook, also cast as [Ireland's] Captain MacMorris."
-- Phyllis Brewster, Arcadia Weekly