Lessons - Cyranojoe Productions has an extensive history of on-the-spot training of actors in preparation for performance within a few weeks (days, hours). Joseph also does one-on-one and small group lessons; contact us if you're interested in learning how to swing a sword on stage safely, or how to throw punches without breaking the leading man's face.

Choreography - Joseph is currently available to choreograph and direct new productions of stage and film combat. Based out of Pasadena, California, Joseph is available for most of the Los Angeles area, particularly areas around USC, UCLA and Caltech. Student productions will receive a guaranteed discount.

Email us at new_request@cyranojoe.com with information about your show and we'll quote you a scale of prices balanced with your needs and desires.

We have a standard release agreement that you will need to sign before participating in any choreography or lessons from us.